SEO Audit

About My SEO Audit

After 10 years of working in Search Marketing agencies I have been privy to countless approaches to SEO strategies for small, medium and large brands. I’ve seen what works, what doesn’t and what is just not that important.

At the very core of any SEO strategy , though, should be a thorough and comprehensive audit.

This “health check” provides the strategical foundation and blueprint for maximising a website’s long-term potential.

Having seen various audits in action over the years – and indeed having managed my own web projects – I can confidently say what elements really shift the dial when it comes to SEO/Organic performance. These are all of the factors that I have built into my own bespoke SEO Audit.

What is in my SEO Audit?

My Audit is broken down into four key pillars. They are:

  1. Technical – The elements that impact how Google and other search engines find, discover and index your website.
  2. Metas – The information that search engines use to understand what pages of your website are about.
  3. Content – The information displayed on your website that informs the user of what a page is about.
  4. Links – The external links directing back to your website.

Your performance across these four key pillars will determine how you perform in the search engines.

Each of the respective sections contains various checks that will provide you with an individual scoring by check and by section.

The flagged areas will then be provided with a priority scoring to help build a plan of action of what needs addressing first and which of those actions will be your biggest difference makers.

Would like a flavour of what’s included in the audit? Download a sample copy below.

What next?

Simply put, the cost of carrying out the SEO Audit will depend on the size of the website. It takes much less time to review a 5 page website than it would do for a 100 page website. I will review the size of your website and provide you with a suitable quote and timeframe for the audit to be completed.

Please contact me below to find out more.