A little bit about this website

Welcome to the first (and probably last) blog post on my website.

Truth is, I’m not sure how often I’ll update this blog – if at all. It’s just here if I need it I guess.

For this post, however, I thought I’d put a few words together to explain why I’ve decided to create the website.

Without wanting to disappoint, there isn’t a major reason per se. I found myself with a few spare hours during time off work last year so decided to purchase the domain and put something together* (I’ve only now got round to finishing it!).

*Oh, and I thought it would be quite cool to Google my name and find a reference to myself. At the time of writing I’m on the second page so shouldn’t be too difficult!

I’ve always been interested in working with websites. I’ve built a fair few over the years – pretty much all self-taught – which has given me some good grounding. I don’t claim to be a design or coding wizard but I definitely have some solid knowledge thanks to the projects I’ve worked on in the past.

Content is my strong point (can’t you tell?) but within the last couple of years my job at Webrevolve has evolved into an Online Marketing position – which I think compliments my skill set perfectly and it’s something I’m really enjoying.

That’s pretty much all that’s worth saying at the moment (without boring you any further) so I better leave it there. Thanks for reading and I hope you like the website.


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